Will I be excused from class(es) if I participate in a regularly scheduled game or tournament?

The Athletic Department attempts to avoid conflicts involving classes and games. However, some conflicts are unavoidable. The student athlete is responsible for communicating with instructors throughout the semester and to make up any missed work before an absence occurs.

When are tryouts scheduled and how often are practices held for a sport? 
Tryouts are scheduled based on the sport and are arranged by the coach. Practice times and length are also arranged by each coach.

Are there Academic Advisors who specifically work with student athletes? 
Students are welcome to visit any program advisor when setting up his or her academic plan, but the Athletic Department does work closely with a few advisors who are geared towards setting schedules for our student athletes. They will keep your records on file and help track your graduation requirements. They will also work with your academic schedule and your athletic practice/game schedule to best arrange when certain courses should be taken to ensure academic success. 

Is there a time limit on the number of years a student athlete can participate in a specific sport? 
Yes, you cannot play more than two years (seasons) per sport. For example, you can play two years of soccer, two years of basketball etc. You can also participate in both a fall sport and a spring sport. As long as you satisfy the eligibility requirements, there are no age limits.

What type of documents do I need to submit to PRINCE GEORGE'S COMMUNITY COLLEGE after I'm accepted into the Athletic Department?
If you are entering college for the first time directly from high school, you must provide a copy of your high school diploma or high school transcripts. If you are transferring from another college, you must provide an official transcript. Other eligibility rules may also apply. We will also need a signed physical form and eligibility information. Please note: all forms must be reviewed and approved by the Athletic Department before you compete as a Prince George's Community College student athlete.

If I participate in athletics at PRINCE GEORGE'S COMMUNITY COLLEGE, can I still participate in the Honors Program? 
Yes, you can. Please contact the Honors Coordinator at 301-546-0433 for eligibility requirements and more information.

Are scholarships available for students who participate in athletics at PRINCE GEORGE'S COMMUNITY COLLEGE, and are there limitations on the amount available?
Prince George's Community College competes in the NJCAA Division III.  No athletic based scholarships are available.  However, students can apply for grants, scholarships, and loans through the Financial Aid office, and the phone number for that office is 301-546-0822.

If I participate in a sport, how am I assured of academic success? 
While it is the responsibility of all students to work hard academically, the Athletics Department staff at Prince George's Community College is committed to helping our student athletes be successful both in the classroom and in athletic competition. To help do this, we mail Academic Tracking forms to instructors of our student-athletes twice a semester to give us progress reports. If academic difficulty is detected by an instructor, the Athletic Director will take the appropriate steps necessary to work with the student to ensure their academic success. Student athletes are encouraged to utilize the college's tutoring center, computer labs and the library. 

If I want to participate in a sport, how many credits do I have to be enrolled in? 
You must be enrolled at Prince George's Community College in a minimum of 12 credit hours for the entire time you participate in a sport. This is considered full-time status and is required by the NJCAA.

How do I contact PRINCE GEORGE'S COMMUNITY COLLEGE if I'm interested in trying out for a sport? 
For general information, you can contact the Athletics Department, or feel free to contact any individual coach. The general Athletics Department telephone number is 301-546-0510.

Are the facilities (track, gym and weight room) available for public use? 
The track is open to the public from 7 am to midnight. Novak Field House (gym) is not available for public use. The weight room in Robert I. Natatorium is available to students, faculty, staff, and the community. For information on hours and fees, please contact the Robert I. Natatorium at 301-546-0980. All facilities are available for rental. Please contact College Life Services at 301-546-0848 regarding rental information.